Saturday, 23 August 2014


While Bruce was at the conference today, I set out down Rundle Mall to the Botanic Gardens. At 10:00 am, a group of us set out on the excellent three hour chocolate walking tour of the city , on which many samples were consumed. After a visit to the Visitor Information Centre and a chat to the ladies there, I walked over to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to say hello to Bruce.

Mid afternoon, I set off to do some more exploring on foot, including a visit to the Art Gallery where I saw very interesting exhibitions of work by Dorrit Black and Mortimer Menpes. The gallery had work by my favourites - Tom Roberts, Grace Cossington Smith, John Brack.

All in all, I think I covered most of the Rundle Mall Discovery Trail, including the very cute bronze pigs.

01 - Adelaide - Botanic Gardens and Chocolate Walk map.png

02 - Adelaide - Botanic Gardens 1.jpg

03 - Adelaide - Botanic Gardens 2.jpg

04 - Adelaide - Botanic Gardens 3.jpg

05 - Adelaide - Final Stop on the Chocolate Walking Tour.jpg

06 - Adelaide - Hindmarsh Square Playground (on the way to visit Bruce at the Crowne Plaza).jpg

07 - Adelaide Saturday afternoon map.png

08 - Adelaide - University of Adelaide.jpg

09 - Adelaide - Art Gallery.jpg

10 - Adelaide - State Library with King Edward VII and State War Memorial in background.jpg

11 - Adelaide - Torrens River - University Footbridge and rowing shed.jpg

12 - Adelaide - Torrens River from the footbridge.jpg

13 - Adelaide - Moreton Bay Fig near War Memorial Drive.jpg

14 - Adelaide - Cross of Sacrifice Memorial Gardens with St Peter's Cathedral in background.jpg

15 - Adelaide - Simpson and his Donkey - King William Road.jpg

16 - Adelaide - Torrens River looking east from King William Road.jpg

17 - Adelaide - Adelaide Oval and the Torrens looking west from King William Road.jpg

18 - Adelaide - Torrens River looking west from King William Road.jpg