Gold Coast

Saturday, 14 June 2014

The family reunion on the Gold Coast for Mum's 90th birthday

The weather was cloudy but dry - much better than forecast and not too bad at all.

It was an earlyish start for me today, with lots of picking up and dropping off of people. The first trip was to head north to pick up Pattie from the bus station in Surfers Paradise at 8:20. All went well and I drove her back to the apartment. At 9:30 I left again to pick up Jean, Ronnie and Pam from various places west and north-west. On the way, I had a phone call from Pam - there was a problem with the trains and she wouldn't be arriving at Robina station until about 11:20. That rather threw my timing out, so I picked up Jean and Ronnie and took them back to the apartment. At 11:00 I left again the pick up Pam. We were finally all gathered in the apartment by around midday.

At around 1:00, Pattie and I went to the local Nobby Beach shopping centre and bought some excellent fish/chips/salad/potato scallops, some wine and beer, and a small 'birthday' cake for Mum's 90th birthday.

Jean's daughter-in-law, Vanessa, called in for a couple of hours after lunch.

Ronnie was keen to get back home for dinner, so at around 4:15 Pam came with me while I took Jean and Ronnie home.

Pam and Pattie were staying the night - no-one was hungry for dinner after the rather large lunch. A good day.

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