Around Yungaburra - Down Memory Lane

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


After visiting Lakes Barrine and Eacham, we set off to find the site of the house where Mum and Eddie lived when their father worked for Gadgarra Forestry in the 1930s. We found the site, but there was so much growth that we couldn't beat our way in; all we came back with were leeches. We then made out way back out the dirt track to the site of the old North Johnstone State School, which they used to get to on horseback. The main building has been moved and all that's left is the toilets.

We then drove on to Peeramon, where Mum also lived for a while, but the pub was closed. We tried to visit my Aunt Jean's son, Eric, but he was out. Not an entirely successful day so far! But then it was on to Malanda where Mum and Eddie had a great chat with a group of older men outside the Malanda Hotel. The one in the wheelchair asked, "Is Eddie Bourke still alive?" It turns out he went to school with Eddie. After going across to the highly recommended Malanda Bakery to buy some cakes, we went on to Malanda Falls for lunch.

The next stop was Atherton, where we visited the cemetery where Mum and Eddie's father is buried. While in Atherton, we had coffee in the Barron Valley Hotel with the current proprietor - the hotel has been owned by the Nasser family since the 1930s.

On the way back to Yungaburra, we stopped at the Curtain Fig tree, before failing to see platypus at platypus viewing area; then we had dinner at nearby Nick's Swiss-Italian Restaurant. The pizzas were delicious - and enormous!

001 - Blush Tree Cottage

002 - Blush Tree Cottage

003- Lake Barrine

004- Lake Barrine

005- Lake Barrine

006- Lake Barrine

007- Lake Barrine - Twin Kauris

008- Lake Barrine - Twin Kauris

009- Lake Barrine - Twin Kauris

010- Lake Barrine

011- Lake Barrine

012 - Lake Eacham

013 - Lake Eacham

014 - Lake Eacham

015 - Lake Eacham

016 - Lake Eacham

017 - Lake Eacham - Looking for Turtles

018 - Gadgarra - North Johnstone map

019 - The Entrance to Gadgarra

020 - The Entrance to Gadgarra

021 - Collecting Leeches

022 - The Entrance to Gadgarra

023 - The Old Teacher's House at North Johnstone

024 - Site of the old North Johnstone State School

025 - Site of the old North Johnstone State School

026 - Site of the old North Johnstone State School

027 - Site of the old North Johnstone State School

028 - There's a Large Blue Butterfly in There

029 - Peeramon

030 - Peeramon

031 - Peeramon

032 - Peeramon

033 - Peeramon Hotel

034 - Peeramon Hotel

034 - View from Peeramon Hotel

035 - New Friends Found at the Malanda Hotel

036 - Malanda Hotel

037 - Malanda Hotel

038 - Malanda Falls

039 - Malanda Falls

040 - Malanda Falls

041 - Malanda Falls

042 - Atherton Cemetery

043 - Atherton Cemetery

044 - Atherton Cemetery

045 - Atherton - The Barron Valley Hotel

046 - The Curtain Fig

047 - The Curtain Fig

048 - The Curtain Fig

049 - The Curtain Fig

050 - The Curtain Fig