Port Douglas and The Daintree

Sunday, 10 June 2012


This morning, Mum and I decided to find some breakfast down in the wharf area. That's when we discovered that Sunday is Market Day in Port Douglas. Although still early in the season, it was very busy - perhaps because it was a long weekend. We browsed the markets and the area around the wharf before finally sitting down for breakfast at the Seabean.

That made us later than expected setting off for the Daintree. Mossman Gorge was made fairly ordinary by the lack of parking and the large numbers of people. I don't think I'd want to go there in peak season. After Mossman, we headed in to Daintree Village for a brief visit before doubling back to take the ferry across the Daintree River. We had bought the Daintree Rainforest Self-Drive Audio Guide, which we played at the appropriate points during the day.

After stopping at the Mount Alexandra Lookout, we drove on to the Floravilla Ice Cream Factory, where we bought ... ice cream! We took the ice creams down to the beach at Cow Bay, where the rainforest meets the sea.

We continued north at a very leisurely pace, stopping at the very interesting Marrja Boardwalk. Here you can learn more about mangroves than you ever imagined possible. We then drove on to Cape Tribulation until the sealed road gave way to the 4WD-only coast road to Cooktown. On the way, we stopped at the Boardwalk Cafe for refreshments and a chat with the lady selling jewellery. We realised (again) that it was a long weekend and that Mum wouldn't be able to buy stamps for her postcards. However, at the cafe they told us that the Cape Trib store sold stamps, so we made a dash back there before they closed. That meant we then had to double-back again for a quick visit to the Dubuji Boardwalk to see the masses of fan palms.

It was now around 5.30 and starting to get dark, so it was time to head back to Port Douglas. The road is often very windy and has many cassowary warning signs and speed humps topped with stones; in areas where cassowaries cross, the speed limit is often 40km/h. We were on the road down to Thornton Beach and I had just made a comment about the mythical nature of these cassowaries when we saw that there were cars ahead with hazard lights flashing. At first I thought there must have been an accident, but, as we approached, I spotted the reason- a (male) cassowary and chick foraging on the roadside. At last! Mum was less thrilled - she grew up with cassowaries all around the forestry area where she lived, and they have a vicious claw used for fighting.

It was dark by the time we arrived back in Port Douglas. I went out for take-away fish and chips for dinner.

001 - Port Douglas map

002 - St Marys by the Sea

003 - St Marys by the Sea

004 - Port Douglas near the wharf

005 - Daintree Map.png

006 - Mossman Gorge

007 - Mossman Gorge

008 - Mossman Gorge

009 - Mossman Gorge

010 - Mossman Gorge - The Suspension Bridge

011 - Mossman Gorge - The Suspension Bridge

012 - Mossman Gorge

013 - Mossman Gorge

014 - Mossman Gorge - The Walkway

015 - Mossman Gorge - The Walkway

016 - Seas of Sugarcane in Flower

017 - The Mythical Cassowary near the Daintree River Ferry

018 - Queueing for the Ferry

019 - On the Daintree River Ferry

020 - Mount Alexandra Lookout

020a - Mount Alexandra Lookout - Could this be one of the mythical cassowaries

021 - Mount Alexandra Lookout

022 - Ice Cream at Cow Bay

023 - Marrja Boardwalk

024 - Marrja Boardwalk

025 - Marrja Boardwalk

026 - Marrja Boardwalk

027 - Marrja Boardwalk

028 - Marrja Boardwalk - Nasty Plants

029 - Marrja Boardwalk - Mangroves

030 - Marrja Boardwalk - Mangroves

031 - Marrja Boardwalk - Mangroves

032 - Marrja Boardwalk - Mangroves

033 - Marrja Boardwalk - Ferns

034 - Marrja Boardwalk - Ferns

035 - Marrja Boardwalk - More Mangroves

036 - Marrja Boardwalk

037 - Marrja Boardwalk - More Mangroves

038 - Marrja Boardwalk - More Mangroves

039 - Marrja Boardwalk

040 - Marrja Boardwalk - More Mangroves

041 - Marrja Boardwalk - More Mangroves

042 - Marrja Boardwalk - More Mangroves

043 - Marrja Boardwalk - More Mangroves

044 - Cape Tribulation - The Boardwalk Cafe

045 - Cape Tribulation - The Boardwalk Cafe

046 - Cape Tribulation

047 - Cape Tribulation Store

048 - Dubuji Boardwalk

049 - Dubuji Boardwalk - Fan Palms galore

050 - Dubuji Boardwalk - Fan Palms galore

051 - A Real Cassowary at Last

052 - A Real Cassowary at Last

053 - Speed Bumps, Cassowaries and Graffiti

053a - Speed Bumps, Cassowaries and Graffiti

054 - Thornton Beach

055 - Thornton Beach and Struck Island

056 - Thornton Beach - Patterns in the sand

057 - Thornton Beach