Port Douglas to Cairns

Monday, 11 June 2012


The last day, sadly. We started with a drive up the very steep road (popular with morning joggers, for some reason) to the lookout on Flagstaff Hill. Our accommodation nestled at the foot of this hill.

Mum and Dad honeymooned in Port Douglas for a couple of days in 1944. The stayed at a house that was behind the Courthouse Hotel, but we couldn't find any sign of it. Unfortunately, the old photos that used to be in the Courthouse have been removed, though the helpful people at the Central Hotel just a little way up Macrossan Street did let us in to look at their photos. Although we didn't find the honeymoon house, we did later stop by the Lychee Tree Motel where Mum and Dad stayed when holidaying in Port Douglas in1994.

After a drive around the Marina Mirage and some of the backstreets, we headed off back to Cairns Airport. We had planned on a leisurely lunch once we arrived, so we we arrived with plenty of time to spare. Which was lucky. The queues were horrendous, and the flight was boarding by the time we got through security.

The weather as we left was still glorious, and we had magnificent views of the islands along the Queensland coastline (Palm Island near Townsville looked particularly inviting from the air).

We left blue, sunny and warm Queensland to arrive in a very grey, wet and cold Sydney. We took a taxi back to St Joseph's College where I had left my car and drove home to say hello to Isabella, who had spent the day with Peter. After dinner of home-made pizzas, Peter and Mel drove Mum home.

001- Flagstaff Hill

002- Flagstaff Hill

003- Flagstaff Hill

004 - Courthouse Hotel

005 - Courthouse Hotel

006 - St Marys by the Sea Revisited

007 - Marina

008 - Beaches between Port Douglas and Cairns

009 - Beaches between Port Douglas and Cairns

010 - Beaches between Port Douglas and Cairns

011 - Beaches between Port Douglas and Cairns